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Dealing with recoveries for loss and damage to your property caused by Third Party negligence, and where you do not have your insurance of your own.

There may be instances where you suffer damage to your property by the negligence of a Third Party, but you have no insurance policy of your own to cover the damage or loss. For example, you may have suffered damage to your house, business premises, or their outbuildings, including general contents or stock, by impact from a third party motor vehicle. Alternatively you may have sustained damage to your home or business property by contractors during the course of their work.Provided Third Party negligence and liability can be proven, and the claim is presented in the proper way, it should be possible to secure reimbursement from the responsible party or their own liability insurers, even though you have not arranged insurance of your own.

In cases where you are uninsured, and which involve Third Party negligence, it is particularly important that detailed records of the circumstances leading up to the incident, and evidence of the damage sustained is retained. The case against the Third Party needs to be properly structured if the claim is to be successful, and maximum loss recovery is to be achieved. The Claims Consultancy Loss Assessors and Claims Consultants based in London are specialists in handling and offering professional ,expert, help and assistance with uninsured property losses.The Claims Consultancy assists all clients by measuring the loss or damage, preparing and submitting a schedule of the claim to the responsible party, and negotiating settlement with them, their insurers, or their loss adjusters on your behalf.We will prepare witness statements as evidence and we will guide you in obtaining appropriate contractors repair estimates,and in collating other evidence to support the Third Party negligence claim where required.

Third Party insurers are likely to appoint a loss adjuster or claims handler to deal with the claim, but this is to protect their own interests.These claims representative's will put you to stricter proof of loss than if your were claiming against your own insurer. The claim officials appointed by Third Party insurers operate under heavy workloads and your claim cannot be given the focus it deserves. Loss Adjusters and Insurance Claims Inspectors acting for the Third Party do not prepare your claim, they adjust the claim you submit. Other expenses may be recoverable of which you are unaware. If you prematurely agree a loss with the liable party or their insurers it may be too late for them to subsequently reconsider additional items of claim that you may have overlooked.

It is therefore essential that you are represented by your own professional loss assessor and claims manager as soon as possible after damage caused by a Third Party is discovered, to ensure your claim is properly and accurately presented and you achieve the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

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