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Insurance Policy Breaches

The effects of failing to comply with insurance policy terms, insurance policy conditions, and insurance warranties.

Approximately 65% of claims being refused by insurers relate to an alleged breach of insurance policy conditions, insurance policy exclusions or insurance warranties.The issues surrounding the failure to comply with insurance policy terms can be complex and a full understanding of the wordings and how they apply in the context of any particular circumstance of loss is important if a claim refusal decision made by insurers is to be successfully challenged. The Claims Consultancy Loss Assessors are specialists in handling the full range of property related insurance losses, including situations where insurers argue that there has been an alleged breach of the insurance policy terms.

The Claims Consultancy is based in London but provides a nationwide service and we will offer professional, expert help and assistance with any property related insurance claim for loss or damage to household or commercial property including a building or its contents to ensure that you recieve expert guidance and representation that will maximise the likelihood of your claim being accepted. For insurers to rely on a breach of a policy terms or condition to decline a claim, they will need to demonstrate the materiality of the breach so far as the loss is concerned. The Claims Consultancy will act as your experienced advisor and independant consultant on these insurance disagreements to ensure your claim has the highest possible likelihood of being accepted.In insurance policy disputes of this nature where your claim is properly handled and presented, at least a third of the initially rejected claims, are ultimatley paid by insurers. In reality The Claims Consultancy has a far higher success rate for clients than this average statistic, and our aim is to continue to use our expertise to our clients advantage, and maintain this high record of success in insurance dispute resolution.

It is therefore essential that you are represented by your own professional public Loss Assessor as soon as possible after damage is discovered to ensure your insurance claim is properly and accurately presented and to be sure you receive the maximum benefit under the policy.

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