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The Claims Consultancy Loss Assessors London

The Claims Consultancy of London can help you prepare and negotiate your property claims.

Why Instruct us as your Loss Assessor?

  • In the aftermath of a disaster or accident involving damage to your property, it is easy to become overwhelmed by circumstance. This can lead to a lack of clarity and direction. We are here to present and manage your claim from the begining until its resolution and offer our wealth of expertise in providing proactive solutions in these challenging situations.
  • We handle property claims ranging in individual value from a few thousand pounds up to many hundreds of thousands of pounds or more. To a policyholder, damage may initially appear relatively minor or insignificant. However, when the advice of a professional loss assessor is sought, damage is properly measured, and the scope of policy cover is fully assessed, the resultant claim can often be greater than initially envisaged.
  • Whether a householder or business owner, after a devastating incident, you will want to concentrate on returning your life or business back to normality as quickly as possible and this is our expertise. Where appropriate we can give our specialist advice on available options for mitigating the loss. This may take the form of securing interim payments from insurers, arranging disaster reclamation experts, general contractors or specialist cleaning contractors, alternative accommodation and premises, and notifying stolen goods registers. In all cases, the quicker and more appropriate the initial response the better the chance of minimising the financial loss and disturbance to you.

  • Under a contract of Insurance it is an insured's responsibility to submit and substantiate their claim. Once you have agreed a claim with insurers it is usually in full and final settlement so it is imperative from the onset to state the claim correctly and comprehensively. Without an intimate knowledge of policy wordings it is easy for legitimate items of claim to be omitted in error.

  • Following a loss we are here to ensure that everything to which you are entitled will be included in the claim, that the claim will be presented in a professional format, and that through our 25 years of claims experience you receive the maximum benefit under the policy.

  • Just as the policyholder has obligations under the Insurance Contract then likewise Insurers have obligations to you too. We will use our best endeavours to ensure that insurers deliver their promises to you.

  • Insurers may appoint a loss adjuster or other agent to investigate the claim on their behalf and you may find this daunting. Loss Adjusters are paid by Insurers to act as their "Eyes and Ears" during the claim process. Adjusters operate large caseloads and to tight schedules and need to reach quick decisions which may not meet your expectations. We redress the balance and have the time to focus on your claim, to protect your interests, and be present and offer you our expert advice during any meetings from the start through to resolution of the claim.

  • To anybody outside the industry, policy wordings can be complex and difficult to grasp, or ambiguous and open to misinterpretation. Items of claim can sometimes fall into what are known as "Grey Areas" where it is difficult to determine whether insurers had intended to cover the subject or not. We will ensure that in accordance with protocol, you are given the benefit of any doubt.

  • Having inspected your home or business then as part of the process of dealing with your claim we can give you our professional advice as to the appropriateness of your current policy cover, the adequacy of your sums insured and whether such need to be reviewed for future.
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