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General Insurance Disputes

Disagreements between policyholders and insurers regarding liability, and the amount to be paid.

The most common reasons for insurance disputes and disagreements between a claimant and insurers are the lack of insurance industry definitions, the fact that different insurers may react in different ways to the same problem, and the complex principle of proximate cause. A general lack of public understanding of policy wordings and public mistrust of Insurers are also main contributors towards insurance disputes.

Engaging a public loss assessor to deal with a claim on your behalf will dramatically reduce the chance of misunderstanding and ensure that damage by an Insured event is properly demonstrated and accepted under the policy. The Claims Consultancy Loss Assessors are specilaists in handling property insurance claim disputes on behalf of the policyholder; our services include the provision of expert help and assistance with claims where insurers dispute a claim, where there has been disagreement with quantum or value of a claim, or where insurers are suggesting repudiation of a claim for property loss. The Claims Consultancy Loss Assessors will provide expert independant guidance and advice on disputes and disagreements for insurance claims involving loss or damage to household, business,or commercial property such as a shop, office, or warehouse and including damage to any building or its contents.

Whether your claim has already been declined or not, it is therefore essential that you are represented by your own professional loss assessor and advisor as soon as possible after damage is discovered to ensure that early dipsutes do not arise,the claim is accurately and professionally presented, and you receive the maximum benefit under the policy.

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